Big Wheel Tricycles

Big Wheels, with the outsized front wheel and two smaller rear wheels, were the most popular riding toys of the '60s, '70s and '80s. Their low to the ground profile made these kid's trikes more stable than any other three-wheeler made. It was almost impossible to tip a Big Wheel, however hard you tried. Because the seat was mere inches above the ground, there was a real sensation of speed and daring as you rode this bike down the drive and around a curve.

Unlike older metal tricycles, the all-plastic Big Wheel never rusted when it was left outside in the rain. If it got muddy or dirty a simple blast with the hose cleaned it right off.

Although the original manufacturer Marx, and later Empire Plastics, is no longer in business, the Big Wheel brand is still popular. While today's "original Big Wheel" may not be quite as sturdy and well-made as it's predecessors it is still extremely popular among both Big Wheel riders and parents.

Happily for those who like choices, there are now many versions of the big wheel tricycle to choose from.

Most Popular Big Wheel Tricycles


Radio Flyer Big Flyer Big Wheel Tricycle


Radio Flyer Big Flyer

Average Customer Rating:
Recommended For Ages 3 to 7

Even better than the ones you remember, the Radio Flyer Big Flyer is also the
"coolest looking" big wheel tricycle around. This is an exceptionally stable big front wheel
bike that rarely tips over, even at the highest speeds.

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The Original Big Wheels


Average Customer Rating:
Recommended For Ages 3 and up to 70 lbs.

The original Big Wheels tricycle, also remembered as "Hot Wheels," was one of the best
selling toys of all time. This reincarnation of the original is close - today's kids will still
love it - but it's not the machine we remember.

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Fisher Price Batman Lights & Sounds Big Wheel Trike

Fisher Price Lights & Sounds Batman Big Wheel Tricycle

Average Customer Rating:
Recommended For Ages 2 to 5

Perfect for the younger big wheel bike rider who isn't quite tall enough for a full-size
Big Wheel, the Fisher Price Batman trike will be the envy of the neighborhood with
working signal lights and sound effects.

Like all Fisher Price products this big wheel bike is incredibly stable and sturdy and
should stand up to even the most active young super-hero
. . .

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For the 3 to 8 year old boy or girl, a big wheel bike is the piece-de-resistance of
Christmas or birthday gifts. Every other gift pales in comparison to a new big wheel
tricycle. Unless it's pouring rain or you're having a blizzard, the big wheel will absolutely,
positively have to go out for a ride that very minute!

Don't forget to throw in a good bike helmet, which you never had to wear, but kids
now do. Just for safety's sake. . .




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