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Recommended For Ages 3+ to 8

The original Big Wheels tricycle, also fondly remembered as "Hot Wheels," was one of the best selling toys of all time. This reincarnation of the original is close - today's kids will still love it, and can ride it until they reach 70 pounds, which is fairly big - but it's not the machine we remember.



  • Three adjustable seat positions allow this trike to grow with your child
  • One piece handlebar has molded handgrips that won't slip
  • 36 Decals for individual decoration choices
  • Lightweight and easy to carry

Some Issues We Have With "New" Original Big Wheels

  • Lacks the handbrake that made the original so much fun. No more skidding turns!
  • The hollow front wheel was always prone to wearing through. This wheel seems thinner than ever.
  • Molded body seems to also be thinner, making this bike prone to cracking


Customer Reviews

I purchased this item for my 2 year old's birthday. Unfortunately he is not quite big enough to reach the pedals, but his older brother (almost 4) loves it. He is zipping around the driveway and we even put out pieces of plywood for 'jumps'. He has used it all summer with zero problems.

I read the complaints about the durability and was concerned about purchasing the big wheel, but there is not alternative product out there in the same price range. I decided to go for it and I'm glad I did. Make no mistake - assembly is a pain. Everything went smooth except getting the pedals on. I ended up taking it into my shop and bracing it on my work bench while I tapped the pedal into position with a hammer. I was worried about breaking the plastic with the hammer, but using extra caution I was able to get the pedal COMPLETELY into place. I suspect that anyone who had problems with the pedals falling off only got the pedal on partway. It took 10-15 minutes to get these pedals on and I couldn't pull them off if I tried.

If you're looking at the big wheel for your little one, I say go for it. Instructions should say 'patience required', but take a deep breath, do it right the first time, and then sit back and enjoy watching your kids have a blast zipping up and down the driveway.

My son loves his big wheel as much as I loved mine when I was a kid. However, just like when I was younger the seat eventually broke off, and there is a flat part in the front tire. Despite this, he still loves to ride his Big Wheel. They are just a fun classic toy.

After reading several of the reviews for the Big Wheel, I almost left this purchase in the dust. Who wants to be stuck with a box of rocks as some reviews suggested? However, I am pleased to say this was an excellent purchase for our 4 year old little boy.

The night our Big Wheel arrived, I insisted that we assemble it...just in case our box had missing/broken parts or the pieces didn't fit together right...even though we weren't giving this to our son for a several more days. Lucky for us, we found the instructions easy to follow, all parts were accounted for, and everything went together quickly and easily. We spent probably 30 minutes in all...including applying stickers. Not bad considering all of the experiences I had read.

The best news is that our son actually will be able to ride for a while! Even though he is tall (43") for his age, he still needed the seat to sit closest to the handle bars so that his feet could reach the pedals. He will be able to adjust it two more times!!

Now we will see how much wear and tear the Big Wheel can take! Already it has made quite a few trips down a very rough and rocky sidewalk. I'm certain this Big Wheel is going to get a good work out often! I am quite pleased with this purchase, and glad I was not deterred completely by the experiences of others.

  Cheaply made, but still a thriller. My little girl hasn't ridden it much, but pedals fall off immediately. Mine never did as a kid. But as they say, you can never go home. Still it's fun seeing it out in the yard or driveway.

My son got this for his 3rd birthday. He received it as a gift already assembled. The pedal fell off within 15 minutes. We tried using a hammer to pound it back on, but no matter what we did it wouldn't stay on. Called customer service and left a message on their machine. Just when we were thinking they were never going to return our call, a package arrived with 2 new pedals. We haven't even put the new pedals on yet, because at 39" tall, my son still can't reach the pedals enough to really ride it. Instead of saying age 3 and up, I wish they would list a recommended height in the info section.

We bought a similar big wheel (same manufacturer) for my 3 year old and he had an issue with the pedal length. We solved by just sliding the seat forward and drilling our own hole and have had no problems since.

Our biggest complaint is the durability of the front wheel. The pedal axle has a rectangular block that engages the "big wheel" and that keeps popping out. This is very frustrating because I recall wearing holes in the plastic tires as a kid.

We have had about 3 months of fairly good use which is not really what I expected. I would not suggest this toy. We, as consumers, need to be less concerned with how inexpensive something is and more concerned with quality.

The quality of this toy does not make the grade.

I had a really hard time finding a big wheel at any store or online. So I was really excited to buy this for my son whose not really big into riding his bike as much. It just brings back memories for me. Not nearly as strong of plastic as I thought it would be. Nothing has broken. But I can't imagine it lasting a long time with a kid standing on it and pushing it forever.

I bought this for my grandson's 6th birthday 3 months ago. Now he does not want to ride his bike, he loves the big wheel and so does his brothers ages 3 1/2 and 2 1/2 they all fight over it now. The 6 year old is a nice big brother and gives them turns, he also lets his 15 month old sister climb on it and she even scoots it around the driveway! I know I have to buy more of them as birthdays come around. I have not had any problems with the pedals like some others but you do need to make sure you get them pounded on good. Also you do need to have the recommended piece of wood under the pedal before pounding, it makes a big difference. Over all the price is definately worth it.

What a treat! I received this yesterday and my 3 year old son is IN LOVE. So's his dad! After reading many favorable reviews, I purchased this and boy am I glad. We rode for almost 2 hours last night! Well, my son rode and I RAN to keep up. He FLIES on that thing. Not scary though, because the kids sit so close to the ground. Not necessarily a "tipping" toy... But folks, a word of advice - TAKE YOUR TIME PUTTING IT TOGETHER. It is not as sturdy as the original and there is definitely room for error. So, follow the instructions carefully and you will be very happy you did! Enjoy!

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