Radio Flyer Twist Trike

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For Ages 4+ 7

A simple twist and flip converts the Twist Trike from a tricycle to a low-rider style Big Wheel for older riders. The tricycle conformation is ideal for the first rider from about age 3, when most kids are tall enough to reach the pedals and steer reliably. Older children love the low riding chopper, which is designed for the four to seven year age range. The chopper sits lower to the ground, which gives a great sense of speed. The seat adjusts to grow with the child. Both modes have a controlled turning radius, so they are more stable than traditional tricycles. With two bikes in one the Twist Trike is a keeper.


  • Two Trikes in One, so it grows with your child
  • Patented quick release twist n' lock mechanism for easy switch from trike to low rider
  • Adjustable seat grows with your child
  • Durable molded construction never rusts
  • Controlled turning radius for stability


Customer Reviews

K.O., 4/2007

We have the "Original" Big Wheel (not really the same as the original by the way) and it is holding up fine but the kids don't really like it much because the wheel doesn't grip so it doesn't go fast. We bought this Radio Flyer for my four year old and he loves it. He figured out how to twist it from a trike to a chopper and back on the first day. He rides it everywhere. It will last for a long, long time. It is well built and well balanced. And it goes fast!

 S.P., 2/2010

We gave the Radio Flyer Twist Trike to our grandaughter for her 3rd birthday. She's pretty girlie so ride toys have not been her favorite. Once she got the hang of pedaling (her older cousins showed her) and with grandma's assistance she really loves it. She's still working on the steering, but has fun. I would recommend this to anyone. Pedaling and steering are necessary skills for a 3-4 year old. She is not tall but both seats allow her to reach the pedals.

J.B., 12/2008

I bought this tricycle for my three-year-old and she loved it immediately.
The packing wasn't particularly attractive. The parts were simply inserted in a large Radio Flyer cardboard box without any protection. At least everything arrived in a good condition and nothing was broken.
As for the product itself it seems to be made of strong durable plastic and the tricycle is quite wide and with a low centre of gravity. The back wheels (also plastic) squeaked initially but then I sprayed some lubricating oil on the horizontal rod and there's less friction now.
Considering the price paid, I think it's a good tricycle. Had the manufacturers used ball bearings on solid rubber tyres instead of plastic, this product would have been perfect.

J.U., 10/2008

Radio Flyers are known for their quality - sturdy and well made. The only problem I had was of my own doing. By the time I got my 2 year old one of these, she was ready to ride it and I didn't really need the handle. It comes off easily so that's not a big issue... just something to think about if you want this model. There is a stub that the handle clicks on to that I removed (simple with 2 screws) so that she wouldn't accidentally fall on it, or whatever. Great bike overall.

...S.S. 1/2007

This twist feature is pretty cool - a real tricycle with the handlebars one way, unlock and twist 180 degrees and you've got a big wheel. The lock works just like the height adjustment lock on Razor scooters. My 3-year-old, who never quite took to our traditional tricycle, is eager to ride the Twist Trike in big wheel mode. Keeping my 6-year-old off it is the challenge. I'm also quite pleased with the quality of the Twist Trike, after reading a lot of dissatisfied reviews for the latest incarnation of the Big Wheel.

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